BRAINDIRT COALITION is a grassroots group of artists creating a multimedia platform of satirical comedy/social commentary art projects about consumerism, NFTs, modern humans interface with technology, mass marketing, investment hustles, and everything else we find humorous in this world that seems to be spoofing itself lately. We are laughing and smiling through this crazy time on earth and would like to help others do the same. Nothing like laughing and smiling to find the joy and happiness in any situation. We are planting seeds of thought into the ether of the web and tapping into the collective consciousness of the meta-verse and the meta-verse to find new reasons to laugh and smile. And we are just getting started.

You are only limited by your imagination. Your limitations are self created. The only voice in your head telling you that you can or can’t do anything is your own.

You should be laughing and smiling. Fuck all this dumb shit, fuck all these dumb motherfuckers. You should be laughing and smiling.

Anonymous African Quote

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