The third NFT collection from the Braindirt Coalition CAN-O-BS. Mint now open for 29.15 MATIC.


Introducing the third NFT collection from the Braindirt Coalition: Can-O-BS. Are you tired of searching high and low online for BS? It is so time consuming and you never get all the bs your looking for. We created the product that has done it for you. We have gathered BS from around the interweb and canned it for your convenience. No more wasting time going online in search of BS, just grab a Can-O-BS and get all the BS you want in one easy to open can. No more fiddling around with phones, tablets, laptops, or tvs searching for the BS you want. We have done that for you and put it in a user friendly can that you can take with you anywhere. It won’t quench your thirst, unless you have a big thirst for bs. Our bs is straight from the bulls that make it. The freshest BS in a can you could find anywhere. Now you can spend more time enjoying bs instead of endless clicking in search of BS. No wifi signal, no problem. Our Cans-O-BS don’t need a connection to work. You can take them anywhere you might want to enjoy a big Can-O-BS. Who doesn’t like BS at a party? BS is the perfect thing to share with everyone at a party. They will all love it. We have packed so many different kinds of BS into every CAN-O-BS that anyone should get their BS fix from each can. Can-O-BS won’t make you smarter, healthier, or have more energy, but who cares as long as you’re getting all the BS you crave? No more scrolling forever in search of the BS you want, now it’s all in one place for you to get all the BS you could want. Only a limited supply of 10,000 available on the polygon Blockchain for 29.15 MATIC. Mint open now.
Fill your head with pure BS.


All images on this site, except some sunset photos, were hand drawn on a crappy smart phone using degenerative H.I. (Human Intelligence).