Our debut collection Can-O-Crap Minting now for 0.0058 ETH


Announcing the debut of the thought-provoking NFT collection “Can-O-Crap” from the Braindirt Coalition. We take a satirical social commentary journey questioning mass market consumerism, quality of the products offered to consumers, value of NFTS, and have a laugh while considering these questions. They say a picture says a thousand words, but why can they also be worth millions of dollars? What is really in the products offered to we consumers and are they really worth consuming? Why do we all participate in mass market consumerism when most of the products we are offered are crap? These questions, and more, are explored through visual imagery to open our minds and ask ourselves for answers. We are not attempting to give answers, just raise awareness of why do we all participate in a system that may not have our collective best interests in mind? Heavy questions are considered through a comedic view to help enlighten and uplift us. Nothing like smiling and laughing to help us all feel better and be more open to alternate thoughts about the world we all share! What is the real value of the products we are offered to consume-weather from brick and mortar stores, virtual markets, NFT marketplaces, or mass media? Is it price, how they make us fell, status, quality, convenience, or just that that is all there is to choose from? We are offering imagery to ask these questions and to contemplate what we are doing in this current system. Is it the best option for us all? Laughter is a tool we use to help lighten these questions and open our collective minds to contemplation. We are using NFTS to expand human consciousness with comedy. Hope our collection brings smiles and laughter to you all! The Braindirt Coalition: putting some dirt into washed brains. Mint now for 0.0058 ETH


All images on this site, except some sunset photos, were hand drawn on a crappy smart phone using degenerative H.I. (Human Intelligence)