Our next collection Can-O-NFT minting now for 0.0406 BNB


We are pleased to announce the second NFT collection from the Braindirt Coalition: Can-O-NFT. Finally the product you have been looking for Can-O-NFT! It doesn’t dice and slice. It doesn’t taste good or bad. It doesn’t fix your flat or clean your toilet. It doesn’t cure your illness or cook your dinner. It does no fucking thing! It is just there, existing on the Blockchain. No need to feed it, walk it, polish and wax it, charge it, cook it, or find a place to put it. It requires no maintenance or expensive parts to repair it. Won’t get dirty or wornout. The colors won’t fade. Keeps on looking the same and doing nothing for the long haul. What more does it not do you may ask? It won’t heat your house or do your taxes. It won’t make your breath smell minty or tie your shoes. It is packed with the maximum amount of nothing we can fit into it. No skimping on the nothing here. It can’t remove stains from your carpet or bring about world peace. It’s not salty or sweet. It won’t keep you from getting the flu or give you cheaper plane tickets on your next vacation. It’s not soft, fuzzy, sharp, sticky, and can’t make waffles. It does not even cure baldness or improve your digestion or wash the dishes. You have never seen nothing like this nothing before! We have collected as much nothing from around the world as we could to stuff into each Can-O-NFT for your enjoyment and appreciation of all this nothingness. We are offering this NFT collection on the BNB Blockchain to keep gas fees as close to nothing as we can. There is a limited supply of only 10,000 Can-O-NFTs available so hurry and get yours before there is nothing left! Braindirt Coalition putting some dirt in washed brains. Minting now for just 0.0406 BNB.


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